Accident- a word that fears me now!! (Contd..)


In last blog I write about the accident me and my husband met with and how severe it was. My husband received the surgeries and I started discovering something very new and very terrorizing.
I was detected with BPI in right arm. We showed Dr. Grover the reports and he said that most of the times it gets repaired it self within 2-3 months. There are only 5% cases where nerve is detached from the root and needs the surgery. And told me not to worry and start with physiotherapy as when this type of injury occurs, fluid gets deposited on the area and swelling of nerves occurs. Even MRI donot show exact problem till after two months of injury. So my physiotherapy started, I had plaster on my wrist due to scaphoid bone fracture, I had that sling around my head coz I could not raise or hold or lift my arm. I was regular at Physiotherapy where initially I was given Muscle Stimulator (Current in Muscle motor points) everyday. It was painful though Ok types.
After six weeks I was told to get NCV done (Nerve Conduction Velocity). In this test they give your muscle motor points high intensity currents to see muscle contractions visible on skin. It is high but one can bear it, though I wouldn’t have got it done again any sooner. We went to the best (as per doctors at Patiala) nerve test centre in Chandigarh. He broke all my hopes and shattered me and my mom and we were there in tears when after testing my right arm for about an hour, he told us that my arm wont work. Nerves have been detached from the spinal cord. We should immediately rush to some hospital at Mumbai to see if there are any chances of recovery. We came back, went to Dr. Grover again, showed him the reports, and he talked to me, I was smiling, he was smiling, he took a few secs and told me that I shouldn’t loose any hopes. Things will be fine.

We started the search. I wont say I did anything coz I seriously didn’t. My husband searched internet for best hospitals in India, my family contacted everyone they knew to discuss about it. After plaster came out I started assessing my losses. I couldn’t move my fingers freely. The thumb and first finger were very slow,couldn’t hold anything, couldn’t write, I couldn’t raise my arm, bend my arm, lift it, I couldn’t even feel any muscle strength in it. I even lost skin sensitivity in certain parts of my arm and hand. If my hand is lying on table, I could not even rotate it. The movement is supination and pronation. I could keep my hand upside down but could not move it in otherwise direction. When I used to show my arm to any doctor by taking it out of sling, it would hang facing opposite direction medically termed as beggars position. I used to wonder how will they straighten this. May be they will cut the arm and fix it in its previous position.

It used to pain, pain hell, it was not continuous and not confined to one area, and the type of pains was countless.. Yupp it pained in different ways, I had different sensations, my skin on hand became over sensitive giving me irritable pain, I could not let any one touch my hand, then there were current sensations. I also started feeling as if my right shoulder was depressed/bend. It used to pain when I would try sleeping. I was given strong medications for auto recovery and then for repair of ligaments, muscle strength and painkillers. I wasn’t satisfied with the physiotherapy so we checked out with a few more doctors and then finally went to Punjabi University.

There Dr. Jayaraman assessed me. He was the first man who told me that I shouldn’t worry as there is treatment for everything now. He told me that if I will need to go for surgery then I have to go to Ganga Hospital Coimbatore without any second thought. Though my husband told me the same name earlier but doctor telling me the same had different impact. My husband was angry with me about it but I hope he understands my fears and mixed emotions. He told me that getting NCV done before 2-3 months is of no use coz the fluid will never let u get a clear picture of injury. He also said that if there would have been detachment then my fingers wouldn’t have worked at all but I could atleast move my fingers. I was also told that I had shoulder dislocation and then xray was done and it was brought back to its position. Imagine all that pain I suffered for a month and half could have been released that same day.

After his and his students treatment/ physiotherapy sessions for about one and half month I could hold things in my hand, hold pen, was able to supinate, pronate. I had sensory deficit in radial border of forearm and lateral aspect of shoulder. I was able to perform elevation, depression, protraction and retraction of my shoulder. My Radial, Ulnar, Median nerve started responding but Axillary and Musculocutaneous nerve didn’t.
It was decided that I will need to have surgery done and after visiting the hospital in March we went for surgery in April. I was admitted, blood tested, and had south Indian foods in hospital before surgery. I was admitted on Monday, Surgery was planned for Tuesday but due to some emergency case, my surgery was shifted for Wednesday. It was time taking and moreover the most senior doctor, Dr. Raja Sabapathy wanted to attend the surgery. Both Dr. Hari Venkatramani and Dr. Raja Sabapathy did my surgery. They are well known doctors all over the globe who deal with Brachial Plexus Cases.

So after all the tests and syringes, I was empty stomach on Wednesday, was given hospital clothing to wear and they made me walk my way to OT. I got dressed up in surgery getup and sat near the window pane checking out if any one was coming to take me. My heart would start beating whenever a nurse would walk towards my corridor. I was shivering, and the nurses there were smiling seeing me getting nervous everytime. They came and took me.. 😦 I told doctor before operation to kindly make the stitches minimal as these will be visible on my neck, but who would hear me. Till now after so much conversation about the procedure and everything they got to know my fear of injections so while giving me general anesthesia my anesthesiologist told the fellow person to be soft while injecting.

I felt nice and then I was gone for long. When I woke up I saw Pa, Ra and Nitz by my side. They asked that when will I start talking. Doctor told them to wait for 10 mins, and just within ten mins I was abusing them.  Luckily doctors said it was anesthesia. I could not move my fingers otherwise they would have got their eyes ashamed too. 😛
I was given south Indian food the very same night after the surgery which went for 8 hrs approx. The glucose was removed in midnight. There were minimal bandages. Thank god for the microsurgery. I had the fear of stitches too, but they told me that the stitches were given from inside and will get dissolved. That means there will be no stitch removing pains. I was taken care of..Was given healthy food..was eating south indian dishes… Imagine my husband became jealous of the hospital food i ate!! Sisters at the hospital were very nice. And even the doctors.

We returned back and physiotherapy started after a month, but the unbearable pains in arm, shoulder, wrist, hand, right side under armpit area, stretch in fingers, current sensations, over sensitivity/hypersensitivity, muscle wastage in arm, fingers and shoulder, discoloration on right hand and shoulder dislocation due to weak muscles was still there.

We will face difficulty in movements, in performing daily activities, but it will be near normal or may be we will start feeling normal coz it’s a long process.
Life has become very precious to us since that day. We will live it each day. We should not leave things for future. We have just one life, we should be thankful to god who gave us a chance to experience this beautiful world around us, gave us our families to feel loved, friends to laugh with and emotions to show. And this life which should be made productive.

Please feel free to contact anytime for any conversation/suggestion/discussion about BPI. I might not be able to answer you but I might be able to help you link with the answer. Comments are most welcomed.


Accident- a word that fears me now!!

Dated 09.12.2016

Accident!! The term which I used to hear but was not horrified about. I used to read my bank settlement circulars and skipped the medical part wondering..’This cant happen to me’. I dont know why I had this thought with me but i felt that accident is a huge thing..n i am a simple person living my life… LIC Agents used to come to my office for insurance business and I was always like I don’t need it. This doesn’t mean that I was casual with my life but I never thought something like this could happen to me.

Kehte hain na jiski umeed door door tak na ho vo to ho jata hai.

Me and my husband were coming to Patiala from Delhi to attend some family function. We met with an accident. Our driver doze off speeding the car and bamm!! It hit the back of truck on road. I don’t remember the time. We were to take the flight at 5:30am from Delhi to Chandigarh that got cancelled. Then we booked bus tickets but the driver who was to pick us up from Zirakpur said that he has one of his people in Delhi only and he will pick up us from airport. We started from Delhi at about 1:30 am. Now I can say “BAD TIMINGS MAY BE”. I am writing this so as to share the mistakes probably at our part and then the treatment we underwent coz before this accident even I thought that accident is mere a fracture and some bandages on head(one we watch in daily soaps).


Our driver was sleepy, that’s what my husband felt so we stopped at some Dhaba and had tea. I even checked in FB 🙂
He said that its his daily job…n that he had nap already. We started again. 9th December 2016 was a cold and foggy night. It was fog infront of eyes…I checked out of the taxi from my window and I wasnt able to see the road. I was laughing and telling my husband to enjoy this fog as he wont experience the same once we get back to Kolkata. Only north gives you such a cold memory… Our driver was driving very smoothly at about 30-40. I was constantly keeping check on his meter. He was in contact with his fellow drivers about their locations and whereabouts. We felt safe on seeing that he was taking precautions and was driving safe. My husband is not as relaxed as I am when it comes to travelling. Hez always awake, be it car, bus, train or flight so I told him that I would go to sleep. Last I remember seeing my watch, it was 3:00 am.

The next I woke up, came out of the car, our car had hit the truck. I turned back and saw my husband lying half on the road and half stuck inside the car. A lot of people were surrounding us. I dint knew what happened. I looked towards my right arm and it was hanging with my shoulder. My hand seemed like a rubber doll hand so I picked my arm with left hand and held it near my stomach. I was hearing sounds like , “Tussi theek ho beta” (Are you alright!), “Atti hamara accident ho gya”(Atti we met with an accident), “sabb theek ho jaega beta” (Everything will be fine), “Atti main zinda nahi bachunga”(Atti I will not survive this), “Atti mera haath aur paon dono toot gya” (Atti my hand and leg are fractured). I could hear all that but I dint knew why I wasnt able to process all these sounds. I stood there blank. Some men came near the driver and tried taking him out of the car. Suddenly I heard my husband shouting, “Bhaiya seat peeche mat kro, mera paer fassa hua hai”(Don’t push the seat, I am stuck here). I was standing there looking in all directions doing nothing. I felt as if I couldn’t bear the weight of my head. So I left my arm and held my head.

Some one took my husband out of the car and they kept him on one end of the road, and I came and sat beside him. All I could hear was his pain but I dint knew what to do. I got hold of a few words and started telling him, “ Rahul sab theek hojaega” (Rahul everything will be fine). It was so cold and he was lying on the road and I was sitting beside him. People took driver out of the car too. I started shivering, one sardar g gave me his blanket. My husband was lying there In pain, on road, in cold with his back touching roadside and I dint had any words or couldn’t think of any thing to comfort him. He was also given one blanket by one of the people who helped us. Some one came near me and asked for the number and I gave my Dad’s number. I told them the number as somewhere back in my head the calculation was under process that I cant call my mom as she will be worried as hell. Papa can do something may be. I remember that thinking about all this, the number of my mom vanished from my head. All I remembered was my dad’s number.

Then after sometime ambulance came and they told me to get seated inside. They picked up my husband and he was shouting in pain everytime they picked him up or put him down. I heard him talking to people and telling them the number of bags we had and getting each of it safely inside the ambulance. He remembered everything, two bags, my purse, his wallet and our mobile phones. We sat in ambulance, I holding my head sitting beside him and the driver. Driver saying that hez sorry and my husband getting upset on him for doing all this to us and me repeating same thing, “ sab theek ho jaega Rahul”(Everything will be fine).

Now when I wonder what was it that happened to me, Why didn’t I rushed when I saw my husband injured, crying in pain, why didn’t I moved at all. Why I couldn’t remember that we were in ambulance for about 45 mins before we reached hospital, why all these small brain blanks were there, it was the TRAUMA PHASE. I talked to my doctor too and he told me that after accident I went into trauma. It was very clear coz I was sleeping and then I was unconscious. I didnt even knew who took me out of the car, from which seat i got out…Now I feel bad about it, at that very moment my partner, my life was in soo much pain and I gave him no response. I could hear his shouts somewhere in my head even now and same time have tears coz i didnt do much for him.


We reached hospital within 5-10 mins where my husband was taken to another room, I was holding my bag and when Xray was to be taken some one came (he was send by my dad who already was out of station and made some calls with the help of our relatives and arranged for a known person at our current location). He told me to keep all the jewelry i had, inside that bag and I kept on doing as per his instructions and then handed the bag to him as he told that he knows us. He took my fathers’ and my Fufa g’s name and other things that I might not remember now. I was told that my husband was taken to another room. I sat on wheelchair and they took me to the normal hospital room where there were two beds and then I was dripped with glucose. My husband came in after some time all bandaged. I was not fully conscious but I could hear him taking my name every few mins. He was shivering and we were given one blanket each and he needed another one but we were told that they didn’t had any at that time.

I woke up to my full conscious at about 8 in the morning that too to his alarm(My husband’s constant alarm). The first thing that crossed my mind after looking at him and telling him that I was fine, was my face. I used washroom and checked mirror to c the damage. My right eye was swollen and black and bandaged. There were bloody scratches going from the corner of my nose towards the end of the eye both above and below the eye. It was safe, and I could see. I was feeling better. I gave my blanket to my husband. He had his ribs broken, right shoulder, right leg, then his forehead was hit with something so he had bandages there and then something was happened with his nose too. I sat beside him and he narrated each bit he witnessed.

He was awake, he saw it whole, he is petrified till date, sometimes he cannot sleep due to that fear. And all I am is sorry for sleeping off and leaving him alone to face it. I am..
He told me that I was sleeping in his laps at about 3:30 am when he suddenly felt that driver was speeding and just going behind the truck. He told me that he shouted and called his name to which driver didn’t respond back. He immediately held me up and put me back on the seat and raised his hand towards the driver. And within no time our taxi banged the truck. I flew towards the front glass of the taxi, hitting the seat besides the driver’s seat and then was lying in mid of the dashboard and the glass.

He told me that he called my name and I responded the way I used to when he tries to wake me up during other times with, “Hmmm”. He said he felt relaxed that I was safe. He was feared as our taxi was in middle of the highway and that there was no light and at any moment any speeding vehicle could have hit us from behind. He told me that he hummed Hanuman Chalisa the entire time. He waited for help,no one came,cars were passing by. He told me that some one came and looked inside the car and then went away. No one thought of helping us. He told me that we were lying there for about half an hour or 20 mins before some people stopped for helping us and then stopped other vehicles to make a circle around us so that no other vehicle could hit us. They after taking us out tried calling helplines, police, hospital but there was no response. Then some one went to the nearby toll to call for help and then the ambulance came and took us to the Virk Hospital Karnal where we were given first aid. It was at a distance of about 40-45 mins and not of 10-15 mins from where the accident site. He told me that right side of his nose had teared off.


I called my in laws family and they were worried as they were far away from us. I made my husband talk to mom telling her that we were fine and its okay and that they can come to Patiala directly. I called my mom to know where she was and till when would she reach us and take us back to Patiala as my husband was suggested immediate surgery and we wanted that to happen nearest to our home. Till the time, one uncle came, one bhaiya came, and we felt better as someone known was there with us. They were the people staying near Karnal, known to my relatives, so that we could have someone till they reach us.

My mom came , she had tears, but as usual, her brave heart dint wasted a second, she held our faces in her hands one by one and then stopped my husband from narrating the incident as she didn’t wanted to loose herself. She went downstairs, initiated the procedure of our discharge, arranged ambulance for going back to Patiala. My dad came back, reached Patiala, arranged doctors at Amar Hospital and booked the rooms there. My husband was taken directly to the hospital, I came my home, accompanied by my dad’s friend. They took all the luggage out and I went inside to use the restroom. I thought I was better and didn’t needed to go to the Hospital. But I couldn’t even drink a glass of water or sit down. I again couldn’t rest my head on my shoulders. My sister held my hand and got me seated in the car and we went to the Hospital. I don’t remember about reaching hospital or getting admitted to one of their rooms and then the needles or anything. By the time I again became conscious, I had my family there, and all the relatives were coming and visiting by for another 4-5 days. My Patiala office staff also came and I was happy to see them.

Itne log to shaadi par nahi aaye theey meri. (This much relatives and friends were not present even in my wedding)

My husband got treated the next day. He had fracture in his Proximal Humerus (Near Shoulder) and Distal Femur (Near Knee). He got operated and Dr. Grover fitted in the plate in arm and rod in leg. Ribs were to get better by own. The next day he got the plastic surgery done for his nose and the skin graft for his forehead. He was kept in ICU for three days. My mom used to request the nurses and staff there for allowing me to meet him. She used to tell them that I wont go back to my room unless they let me meet him. Shez total jugadu.

My husband was on complete bed rest. I was getting my tests done but no major diagnosis was made. Had small fractures, swellings, bruises and scratches. I also had some problem in my right ear but that’s okay now after the medications. Every one came to meet us and I was smiling and telling everyone that it was not only he who was hurt. I got hurt too, internally. And everytime we laughed it off. We were famous couple out there in the hospital, the one who met with an accident, were newly married, their driver slept off, their car hit the truck,etc etc.

I could not raise my right arm yet, we thought it was fracture, ligament tear and weakness, until the date of my discharge, when doctor told my dad to get MRI done. That was the day till when all of us thought that I will be fine and my husband thought that he saved me and that I will be better in few days or so.

My husband came home after a day or two. He was in pain, was bed ridden for about 20 days. He had all sorts of pains, his arm, his leg, his back. Every thing was giving him pain. He will get another surgery after about a year or two for taking out the rod and plate.
Listening about some one’s accident is not that scary but going through it shows the truth. One couldn’t use rest room himself, couldn’t hold things, couldn’t comb, couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk, couldn’t go out of the room. Our relatives, neighbors, friends, my office colleagues , kept us company. It felt quite nice when one of our couple friend came especially to c us, then one of my friend came with family to ask about my health and then cried seeing me suffering. Then one friend came to Coimbatore, he couldn’t cry but I could tell that he was shocked to c me like that.

I was detected with Brachial Plexus Injury in my right arm. Brachial Plexus is a network of nerves(C5, C6, C7, C8 and T1) near shoulder coming out of spinal cord and spreading out in arm, chest, shoulder and hand. By now I have become Brachial Plexus Specialist. I will be writing about all of it not only because it was completely new to us but because it was not a new type of injury. Actually it is very common but the shorter versions are generally ignored and result in permanent damage.

Stay connected till then 🙂 …. And please ask anything, I will readily reply…

Thanks for being soo patient while going through it …



Bread Samosa – A Morning Delicacy

Hi friends…

One of the best things i am upto these days is trying my hand in cooking. Though i am currently unable to cook independently..but thanks to all mumyz n their supportive natures. Mine helps me..gets irritated though due to my fussy attitude. No issues mom till u tolerate me 🙂 in ur kitchen.

Today morning my mom asked me to tell me something easy n speedy to cook for my baby brother’s lunchbox so i suggested her with..bread samosa. I just made that term after its maha aavishkaar (discovery) and final results. Even you would find this name appropriate for my easy deasy snack.. Or you can term it as ‘Samosa Sandwich’ too. Anyone could try my homely trials in their kitchens as ingredients will always be easily accessible.

Morning snack with cup of tea/ milk

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Result: You can go for a peaceful walk later if cooked for a kid and before if you wish to cook for yourself 🙂 It takes less then 25 mins.


(I will avoid giving exact quantities as i always vary the tastes for fun. You can have quantity idea from my pictures)

  1. Cooking oil/ Ghee/Butter (Depending on your wish to increase fats)
  2. Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
  3. Coriander Seeds – crushed (Saabut Dhaniya)
  4. Fennel Seeds – crushed (Saunf)
  5. Ginger paste
  6. 2-3 Red Chilies – chopped (These also add to the looks)
  7. Salt
  8. Garam Masala
  9. Amchur (Dried mango powder)
  10. Chilli powder
  11. 2-3 potatoes – boiled and crushed
  12. 1-2 Onions – chopped
  13. Slices of Bread


  1. For your prep time peel off potato and cut it into small pieces. Microwave for 10 mins. Meanwhile chop onions.  Also roast your bread slices in microwave/ovan/or on gas without using oil.

    You could also boil potato in cooker and then peel off and crush it. Remember when you use cooker, you need to take it out as soon as to turn gas off coz otherwise water seeps in and it will make your potatoes way more soggy. If uncooked parts observed then no hassle, just use grater. Also you can chop onion in chopper. It is easy and gives you same size onion dices. You can check it out here Grater and Chopper

  2. Keep all other ingredients as mentioned in front of you organised.
  3. Take a pan, pour oil (If you are using butter, add a drop of oil so that your butter donot burn), add cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds (all crushed). Cook on low flame. Now add chopped red chillies and ginger paste and cook for about two mins.
  4. Add onion and cook for 4-5 mins, then add salt, garam masala and chilly powder as per your taste. You could add bit of more salt as when your dish includes potatoes, salt is absorbed by it. (You could find this in your kitchen tips also- If therez excess salt in your dish, you can add ball of dough or potato to balance the saltiness.)
  5. Add crushed potato and amchur over it. Mix well and remove it from gas once you find it cooked well and ready to eat. 🙂
  6. You can add dhaniya leaves to it while being cooked and cream (Malai) if you wish to make it a bit creamy.
  7. Spread it on your roasted bread and heat it on tawa and roast for a bit more to make it crisp. Serve with ketchup/green chutney/imli chutney as per choice.                FullSizeRender_8                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ready to eat                                                                               FullSizeRender_9


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About 8 years back, When I was doing my graduation, I was a movie pro.. Any and every movie i could watch, be it girly, emotional, sci fi, thriller, romantic, comedy, action…u name it. There’s a thing in hostels about downloading, sharing and watching movies. I accidentally formed a loop in which we would share movies in pendrives n hard disks. I remembered watching two cute soft n sweet South Korean movies, though at that time i dint knew these were the South Korean movies. These were just movies for me, I watched and read subtitles and watched.

200 Hundred Pounds and My Little Bride..

200 Hundred Pounds Beauty is a story of Hanna whoz over weighed and is beautiful singer but due to the outlook of the society, is forced to stay inside so works as ghost singer to Ammy, a famous and recognized singer. She likes Sang Jun, the director but upset and heartbroken on being used and roughly talked to, she after attempting suicide but in vein undergoes knifes and vigorous exercises, transforms into this unrecognizable beauty with voice.

My Little Bride is story of Bo-eun, 16 year old student having normal school life, forced to marry Sang-min, a college student by both of their families. Later the story reveals their love for each other and their small and cute efforts to make this marriage work and keep it a secret in school.

It was then and it came to me now when I am off earning and at home. I looked for Korean movies to watch. I was bored watching Hollywood already and all new movies to be watched (My bucketlist) were still to be released.

Google is a HUGE search universe. I started googling and the search routed towards Korean Serials and then it showed a list of few with the coverpage images. A few of them had cute actors on their cover so checked on those. It turned out to be South Korean Serial ‘Legend of the Blue Sea


(The actor is cute though)

But the story, the backgrounds, the music and overall effect pulled me into these serials and then I watched a number of these. It is love story of con man Heo Jonn-jae, son of rich businessman and a mermaid Shim Cheong. (YES…mermaid..She could use her legs off water and as soon as she gets into water she turns back to being a mermaid. Aquamarine have the same concept of a mermaid but this one is something you  must watch.) This love story is based on fate, rebirth and their love bond.

My Love from Another Star, To the Beautiful You, Doctor Stranger, Cinderella and Four Knights, I can hear your Voice…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Love From the Star: Do Min-Joon an alien who never ages, landed on earth and lived for last four centuries changing his identity every 10 years coz people on earth age…!! He possesses presentable powers and as the time approaches for him to leave this earth, falls in love with Cheong Song-Yi, a famous actress and a neighbor. But then you have Lee Hee- Kyung, her childhood friend and one sided lover, son of rich business man, his evil brother and Yoo Se-mi who loves Hee- Kyung.

To the beautiful You: Goo Jae-hee, korean girl living in US, takes transfer to Korean Boys school in hope of motivating and helping her crush, high jump champion Kang Tae-Joon after he suffers an accident. The cut is she becoming a boy in order to enter the school. This might find similar to ‘She’s the man’ or ‘Dil Bolee Hadippa’ to some, but this has different essence.

Doctor Stranger: Dr. Park Hoon, a North Korean Doctor along with his father were tricked in leaving South Korea in his childhood. Now this genius thoracic surgeon in search of his lost love Song Jae-hee who was taken to one of the concentration camp in North Korea, is working in top Myungwoo University Hospital, South Korea. This story is about their tale of escape and being caught by the North Korea official and betrayal from South Korea Government.

Cinderella and Four Knights: Eun Ha-won, a high school student who dreams to be a teacher, but needs money for her education. She meets the chairman of Kang Group and is offered a chance to live in his house and mission of reuniting his three grandsons against her fees. At Sky House she meets Kang Ji-woon, a soft hearted but lonely and wild child rebel, Kang Hyun-min, a playboy, Kang Seo-woo, a top singer-songwriter whoz gentle and kind and finally Lee Yoon-sung, the chairman’s secretary and their bodyguard. The plot of the story revolves around her efforts to adjust, befriend them and fulfilling her time to time missions.

I can hear your voice: This is story of Jang Hye-sung, a public defender and Park Soo-ha, a high school senior with supernatural ability to read other people’s thoughts by looking into their eyes. Not exactly only a love story but also about the promise made by Park Soo-ha, made in his childhood to protect Jang Hye-sung when she supports the young Soo-ha in getting his father’s killer arrested. He searches her out, protects her at every instance, fall for her, looses memory and ability for a short period, she looking out for him and then fighting the same killer together.

All these series are must if you are into Series/Movies/Korean movies/Romantic movies/cute love stories.

I even followed them on insta 😛 …

All the serials were superb in terms of drama and if you feel interested you can watch these uninterrupted on South Korean Serials I watched some of these on youtube n then later on found this link for ease. And yes one more thing, the series in Korean language so untill you get familiar to it, like me..keep on reading 🙂 (The subtitles). Last one i watched was Doctor Stranger and this was the serial that created my interest in looking out about Korea, the name I have just heard about and read in some news or while studies. I will be soon posting about what i find.

Till then life is short, live it with smile.

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First blog post

Hi friends.. This is my first experience in writing… I had many thoughts of doing it earlier but now it is happening. I would love to share about what I do, I think, I see, on anything or everything. Hope to enjoy doing dis… 🙂