You are Beeeautiful !!!!!

Beauty is in the way you see👰

The way you wish🤔

It is in the mirror you smile in🌝

The way you walk👣👣

It is in the swag you carry…

The way you talk …



Whenever anyone tells me that I look beautiful I wonder ..

Look at yourself dear!!👸

You are your own way…

I am already in awe of you..

The way you deal with your concerns..

The way you support your family 👨👩👧👧

The way you fight the world..

The way you have the courage to live on your own terms..

The way you sacrifice your wishes for your love..

The way you are living your life…

You are already beautiful in my eyes!!!👩🏻👩🏻




The facial features/the figure doesn’t matter anymore

It’s in you.. u need to just feel the roar!!

Live your life the way you want!!🌸🌸

Don’t let others decide for you n never let them put u thru misery of being conscious any more!! 🌺🌺





Love yourself 🙂


*Just so you know: This is purely my work.. if you want to use them please credit me. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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